It's time for a change,
Guess who?
It’s alexfrostpoet out of the blue,
In to the black from the red,
Marathon-mind alive,
Sofa-bed dead,
Feet on the ground, head in the shed,
Although it’s more a barking dog-house,
My similes are loud as a lion,
My bravado quiet as a mouse,
But we know how sober is the Grouse,
Famous or not,
And I am not one to sit by with acne,
I always try to pick the right spot,
Land on my soles,
Teetering, not sturdy,
An overconfident Bambi foal,
Always gathering moss while on my daily roll;
It takes its toll this road,
My median is my average mode,
Never sure where the oil levels out,
Topping up the load and covering with shallow grout,
I don’t think anyone truly knows what life’s about,
I just hate playing catchup,
Teleporting from finish line to a mile back,
I feel like I play games every day,
And should feel I’m removing Jenga pieces,
Instead of adding to the stack!

© Alex Frost 2016